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Sunflower 北龍 / Sunflower Hokuryu

Sunflower 北龍(位於北龍町)是位在國道275號沿線上的道路休息站。兩隻龍如同守護神般佇立在此。在那個後面有荷蘭風的建築物,以和洋混風的獨特的道路休息站而廣為人知。北龍町以廣闊的向日葵花田而著名。商店裡有販賣使用向日葵花種子的點心等各式各樣的相關商品。並設的溫泉裡也有向日葵湯池。

Sunflower Hokuryu (Hokuryu Town) is a road station on route 275. Two big dragons stand guard at the front gate. This is a nod to the name of the town; ‘hoku’ stands for the north, and ‘ryu’ means dragon. Originally ‘ryu’ comes from a word in Ainu language, which means cormorant in English. Behind the huge gate, there is big, western style building. This road station is known for it’s eclectic blend of Japanese (Eastern) and Western styles. As this town is well-known for its sunflowers, the shop sells many products using them. At the onsen in the building, there is a bath infused with sunflower.

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