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風W Tomamae / Fuwatto Tomamae

W Tomamae(位在苫前町)是位在沿著日本海的海外線所行駛的國道232號線上的道路休息站。將風力發電的巨大風車作為象徵,「風W」讀作「FUWATTO」。(W是電力單位的瓦特,FUWATTO在日語中是表現出風吹拂樣子的擬聲詞。)道路休息站內兼有溫泉飯店。可以使用一日溫泉。也有免費的泡腳設施。

Fuwatto Tomamae (Tomamae Town) is a road station on route 232 which runs along the coastline of the Sea of Japan. Tomamae is famous for wind turbines for power generation. The name “fuwatto” has different meanings. One is that “fuu” means wind in Japanese and “watt” is the unit of electric power. The other is that “fuwatto” is a Japanese onomatopoeia expressing gently or softly. This road station houses an onsen hotel and the view of the sea from the open-air baths is pleasing. Day bathing packages are available, and there is an outdoor foot bath, which is free of charge.

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