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Sato-Land (Workshops)

Satoland (位於札幌市東區)是宛如公園一般的農業體驗設施。文宣標語是「連結都市和農業的田園主題樂園」。在冬季也可以用實惠的價格體驗手工製作食品的課程。手工製作奶油的課程為每天,手工製作香腸的課程為第135的週六。其他的還有手工製作蕎麥麵、味增、手工豆腐等其他體驗課程。詳細舉辦的日期需要確認外國語版的官方網站。

Sato-Land (Sapporo City Higashi-ku) provides facilities to experience agriculture and livestock farming. It’s actually a theme park for Sapporo citizens to come into contact with country life. In winter, the outdoor facilities are almost all closed, but the indoor exhibits are also interesting, and reasonably priced. Handmade butter workshops are held everyday, and handmade sausage workshops are held on the first/third/fifth Saturday of each month. Moreover, soba (buckwheat) noodle, miso, and tofu making class are held. As they have a multilingual website, please find out all information such as the dates and prices. Reservations might be required.

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