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乙部町的湧泉 / Five pure water springs in Otobe Town

乙部町在町內5個湧泉處作為「生命之泉」來整建。只要遵守不大量取用等規則誰都可以免費來取用泉水。以天然石頭所圍繞的湧泉口的周圍有各式各樣精心製作的涼亭,是可以稍微休息的地點。使用湧泉水來泡茶或是煮咖啡的町民也很多。水溫安定在910 ℃之間。5個湧泉處有各自的名字。

There are five pure water springs in Otobe Town, and they are named Inochi-no Izumi. Inochi means life, with the nuance of a long and healthy life. At the springs, people can draw the pure water while being considerate of others. One should not take a long time, or share with friends in line, in the case of there being many visitors at one time. Also, each spring has azumaya, which is a small place to take a rest, and literally means a bower or an arbor. The temperature of the water is nine to ten degrees throughout the year. Five springs are Toi-no Mizu, Hachimansan-no Mizu, Nodo-no Mizu, Komonai-no Mizu and Himekawa-no Mizu.

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