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Route 229元和台 / Route 229 Gennadai

Route 229元和台(位於乙部町)是位於國道229號沿線上的道路休息站。可從海拔40公尺的高度俯瞰海邊,是景色優美的道路休息站。如同倒立的問號符號的雕刻作品「潮笛」面向蔚藍的日本海豎立著。在1795年時,採昆布的漁夫3人遭受海難。這個雕刻是以漁夫漂流到中國後經過一連串的苦難,兩年之後經由長崎回到故的故事作為主題所製作的。

Route 229 Gennadai (Otobe Town) is a road station on route 229, as the name suggests. It is located 40 meters above sea level, and allows visitors to admire a panorama of the Sea of Japan. There is a sculpture behind the building, standing in the wind and facing the deep blue sea. The shape is unique, like an upside down question mark. The motif commemorates a true story from 1795 where three fishermen drifted in a small boat while they were harvesting kombu kelp and finally reached China. They found their way home after two years, via Nagasaki prefecture.

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