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TEKKUI Land大成 / Tekkui Land Taisei

TEKKUI Land大成(位於瀨棚町)是國道229號沿線上的道路休息站。奇岩很多的地區就在眼前,是觀賞夕陽的著名地點。隔壁是海水浴場,只有夏天的期間可以使用投幣式淋浴間。常駐有住在當地的觀光資訊人員,很簡單就能詢問到當地小鎮的可看景點等資訊。吉祥物的「TEKKUI(比目魚的意思)」會可愛地出來迎接你。

Tekkui Land Taisei (Setana Town) is on route 229, which runs along the Sea of Japan, and it is located in an area where one strange-shaped rock can be seen after another. This location is also good to take in the sunset. As a public sea-bathing site is next to this road station, a rental shower room is available here in summer. Volunteer staff are at the tourist information counter so that visitors can get information via friendly communication. There is a mascot named Tekkui, which is a word from a dialect in Hokkaido, which means flatfish in English.

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