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230RUSUTSU / 230 Rusutsu

230RUSUTSU(留壽都村)是位在可以瞭望到被稱作「蝦夷富士」的羊蹄山的絕佳地點的道路休息站。位於連結札幌和面向日本海的Setana町的國道230號線上。在蔬菜的收穫季節時也會販賣留壽都產的新鮮蔬菜和水果。距離夏天是遊樂園、高爾夫球場、冬天作為滑雪場營業的RUSUTSU Resort 也很近。

230 Rusutsu (Rusutsu Village) is a road station where people can take in a great view of Mt. Yotei, which is also known as Ezo Fuji. Ezo is an old name for Hokkaido and Fuji refers to Mt. Fuji. Mt. Yotei is a symbolic mountain in Hokkaido, with a shape closely resembling the iconic Mt Fuji. The road station is on a main road, route 230, which connects Sapporo and Setana Town, which faces the Sea of Japan. The shop in this road station offers vegetables and fruits produced in the nearby villages. Rusutsu Resort is not far from here.

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