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豆屋TOKACHI岡女堂本家 / Mameya Tokachi Okamedou Honke


Mameya Tokachi Okamedou Honke, usually referred to as just Okamedou, (Honbetsu Town) is about one hour drive from the biggest city in Tokachi District, Obihiro. Okamedou is a famous manufacturer of various snacks, using beans produced in Honbetsu. Okamedou was founded in Kyoto in 1855, and opened their laboratory-like factory in Honbetsu in 1988. Now, the factory also houses a shop and cafe. There is also an old station, Okamedou Station, from the railway line which was demolished in 2006. Okamedou Station has been restored and is preserved now. These facilities and 24-hour toilet and wash rooms are a good destination for tourists.

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