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札幌電視塔Dive / ‘Dive from the TV Tower’

札幌電視塔Dive是在高度27公尺的跳台上往地面空中潛水的快速跳躍引力活動(Quick jump attraction)。雖然有附上安全吊索,但可以體驗到自由落體的感覺。這個體驗活動是首次在日本都市中心舉辦。是為了紀念札幌電視塔開業60週年記念活動。舉辦時間為7/110/911點~19點(7月、8月延長到21點)。為付費體驗,1314點為休息時間,天候不良時則終止。

Dive from the TV Tower’ is an attraction which allows challengers to feel a freefall sensation. From a special 27 meter high deck, each daring person, attached to a harness and rope jumps onto a big cushion on the ground below. After a four or five meter freefall, the jumper descends slowly and lands gently on the mat. This kind of attraction has never been held before in a central city area in Japan. This is a commemorative event for the TV Tower’s 60th anniversary. The season runs from July 1 to Oct 9, 11:00 to 19:00 (July and August to 21:00). 13:00 to 14:00 closed for lunch. This attraction will be closed in the event of bad weather. It is a paid attraction.

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