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Kanno Farm

Kanno Farm(位於上富良野町)位在被稱作花之街道的國道237號的上富良野町和美瑛町的交界處。在山丘上有廣闊的農園,除了薰衣草之外,還有栽培著約10種類的鮮艷的花朵。商店內有販賣著薰衣草相關產品和工藝作品。也可以在這裡享受這個農園採收的馬鈴薯、玉米等美味。

Kanno Farm (Kamifurano Town) is on route 237, which is also called Hanabito Road. Hanabito means flower fans in Japanese. The actual location of this farm is on the border of Kamifurano Town and Biei Town which is known for the beautiful hills. Not only lavender, but also more than 10 kinds of colorful flowers are grown here. Kanno Farm is one of the most famous spots to see flowers in Kamikawa District. At their shop they sell lavender-related goods and handmade crafts for souvenirs, as well as light meals using agricultural products such as their potato and corn. Lavender flowers are sold too.

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