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Niseko View Plaza

Niseko View Plaza(位於二世谷町)是沿著國道5號的道路休息站。也是後志地區的觀光資訊的發訊據點。使用當地特產的馬鈴薯所製作的速食和使用當地牛奶的霜淇淋很受歡迎。此外,這裡也有農產品直販中心。這裡有宛如被木製的外牆般的建築物所包圍的廣場,晴天時可以坐在外面休息。

Niseko View Plaza (Niseko Town) is a road station on route 5, near the center of town. This road station provides visitors with information on the Shiribeshi District, which is a popular one-day trip from Sapporo. At different food shops, meals and snacks using potatoes from Niseko, and soft ice cream using milk from Niseko are popular. Moreover, a big shop in the main building sells fresh vegetables, and is especially popular for both local people and day travelers. There is an open space surrounded by three buildings, so that people can take a rest on fine day.

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