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Highland Furano

Highland Furano(富良野市)是有名的薰衣草田的其中之一。從札幌經過三笠市往富良野方向行駛時,會途中經過到此地的路徑因此很容易找到。「薰衣草花海」別名的由來是因為在緩緩的斜坡上看得到一大片的薰衣草的鮮艷紫色花朵。此外,這裡也有可以享受森林浴的遊憩步道。也有餐廳和一日遊溫泉設施。

Highland Furano (Furano City) is one of the most famous sightseeing spots to see lavender, which blooms light purple flowers in July, in the Furano area. This location is easy to find when driving from Sapporo to the Furano area via Mikasa City. Highland Furano is a town-managed resort hotel including not only hot springs, but a large field of lavender and walking paths in the forest. The slightly sloped field is called the sea of lavender because of its scenic view. Visitors can enjoy peaceful walk in the woods, and a relaxing hot spring afterwards. A restaurant is open for day trippers.

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