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鐘鳴之鎮·CHIPPUBETSU / Kanega Narumachi Chippubetsu


Kanega Narumachi Chippubetsu (Chippubetsu Town) is a road station on route 233, which connects Fukagawa and Rumoi. Kanega Narumachi stands for ‘town from where the sound of bells is spread.’ There is a memorial tower to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the town being established. It is about 30 meters high and a big bell, rung four times a day, is at the top. Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view from there. There is also an onsen, or hot springs, where one can take a day spa, or stay in the on site accommodation . At the shop, fresh vegetables are sold. Soft ice cream made of broccoli is popular.

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