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Rice Land深川 / Rice Land Fukagawa

Rice Land深川(位於深川市)是位在國道12號線和233號線的交叉口的道路休息站。深川市位在北海道內著名的稻作區域內,休息站內的商店除了有賣米之外,也有賣飯等其他輕食。例如使用米粉的可麗餅,這裡可以看到使用米來製作的獨特的食物。也有稻米相關的猜謎區塊,是個從小孩到大人都可以玩得很開心的地方。

Rice Land Fukagawa (Fukagawa City) is a road station at the intersection of routes 12 and 233. Fukagawa City is in the Sorachi district, which is known for producing the most rice of any area in Hokkaido. At the shop, rice grown in the area is sold, as well as light meals such as onigiri (rice balls). Also, some unique snacks using rice are sold, for example crepes or ice cream made of powdered rice. At the restaurant, people can choose from a rice themed menu. In addition, there is a learning facility where information panels and Q and A puzzles can be enjoyed.

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