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Kinema Kaidou

Kinema Kaidou (電影街道,位於夕張市)是以電影為主題的大道,靠近夕張市政府。在大道的各處設置電影史上留下名聲的著名老電影的看板。不管哪一種看板都是昔日很普遍的手繪看板,令人感受到懷舊的氣氛。夕張也是舉辦過電影節的電影之都。煤礦產業興盛的時候,市內曾有17家電影院。
Kinema:從英文的cinema 而來,意指電影;Kaido:為日文發音的「街道」。

Kinema Kaidou (Yubari City) is a cinema-themed street near Yubari City Hall. Kinema Kaidou stands for ‘Cinema Street,’ with this street exhibiting large billboards of many old classic movies. Those billboards, which were standard at movie theaters back in the day, are all hand-drawn, are a far cry from modern times. These billboards from 50s and 60s remind us of the good old days. Yubari was one of the cities which flourished on the back of coal-mining, and there were 17 theaters in Yubari’s heyday. Now, Yubari holds an international movie festival every year. This street can give us a sense of when Yubari shined, and people enjoyed a day or night watching movies.

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