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洞爺湖有珠山地質公園 / Toya Caldera and Usu Volcano Global Geopark

洞爺湖有珠山地質公園是日本最初的地質公園,在20098月由Global Geoparks Network所登錄的。公園因火山活動所形成的地質和自然受到了評價。有建設好在大自然當中的健走行程(標註著提醒標誌),也有約20處的展示學習設施(博物館)。
Global Geoparks Network:是在UNESCO的支助下設立的國際組織。從地球科學的角度來登錄重要的地點。

Toya Caldera and Usu Volcano Global Geopark was the first geopark in Japan, as designated by Global Geoparks Network in August, 2009. The unique geological features created by volcanic activities and the surrounding nature were acknowledged to be worthy of reserve. There are well-managed walking trails, approximately 20 museums and information centers for the study of geoscience and/or geoheritage, and many outdoor sightseeing spots. 
The geopark spreads over Date City, Toyoura Town, Soubetsu Town and Toyako Town.
Global Geoparks Network is an international organization set up in 1998 with the assistance of UNESCO. They register important geoscientific sites around the world.


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