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Yubari Melon Road / Yubari Melon Road

Yubari Melon Road (位於夕張市)是位在國道274號沿線上的道路休息站,地點在JR新夕張站隔壁的位置。夕張市以生產哈密瓜而聞名全國。夏季的農產品直販所除了有哈密瓜之外,還有販賣長山芋等當地產的蔬菜以及加工品。另一方面,也有直徑1公尺以上的塊狀石炭和採煤礦所使用的道具等支撐昔日的夕張的煤礦產業的展示物。

Yubari Melon Road (Yubari City) is a road station on route 274 located next to JR Shin-Yubari Station. Yubari is famous throughout Japan for it's annual harvest of its branded melons, called Yubari Melon. In summer, there is a temporary market selling not only melons but also vegetables produced in the city, such as Japanese yams. Processed vegetables are also sold there. As a reminder of Yubari's former coal mining glory, visitors can see an exhibit of coal mass, which is more than one meter in diameter. Other exhibits such as tools used in coal mines are there too.

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