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紫藤花 / Wisteria flowers


Hokkaido Flower Information
Wisteria flowers
The best season for seeing wisteria flowers in Sapporo is between the end of May to the beginning of June. As wisteria is a climbing plant, sightseeing spots for wisteria are almost exclusively in parks. People can see trellises with beautiful wisteria flowers overhead. They create a green and purple ceiling which can block the strong sunlight. The remaining filtered sunlight seems to have mysterious curative properties. In Sapporo, Maeda Forest Park, Nakajima Park are famous for wisteria as well as Tenjinyama Green Space. At Maruseppu in Engaru Town on the Sea of Okhotsk, the biggest wisteria trellis in Hokkaido can be found. The peak season may be later there than in Sapporo.

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