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Sony Store 札幌αPlaza / Sony Store Sapporo αPlaza

Sony Store 札幌αPlaza(位於札幌市中央區)在商店的2樓有藝廊。雖然是個小的展示空間,但是進行著以攝影和影像為主題的展示。推薦給攝影喜好者。也有放置和攝影相關的免費雜誌。因為位在大通地區的中心地,在逛街途中很容易就順道去看看。1樓則是Sony制造的家電產品的展示空間。

Sony Store Sapporo αPlaza (Sapporo City Chuo-ku) is a gallery housed on the second floor of the building. The gallery consists of just a single room, and exhibits photos and movies. As there are a few photo-themed galleries in Sapporo, it’s good destination for photography enthusiasts. The Scene, a free Hokkaido magazine focusing on photos and cameras, is available here. Sony Store Sapporo is near Odori subway station, and has convenient access, even for tourists. The first floor has a showroom of Sony products, so visitors can inspect the latest models of their cameras.

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