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竹老園東家總本店 / Chikurouen Azumaya


Chikurouen Azumaya (Kushiro City) is Hokkaido’s oldest vendor of buckwheat, or soba noodles in Japanese. The founder opened a soba stall in Otaru city in 1874, and later moved to Kushiro to open a shop. In Hokkaido, the Azumaya brand, which translates to eastern house, grew famous, and can be seen all over the place. Actually all the soba restaurants with Azumaya brand stem from Chikurouen Azumaya. Interestingly, the color of Chikurouen’s noodles is green, and some in Kushiro are the same. The Chikurouen building is historic with 14 Japanese rooms for guests. The Japanese garden is free to enter.

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