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歌志內CHIRORU之湯 / Utashinai Tirol-no Yu


Utashinai Tirol-no Yu (Utashinai City) is a road station in the relative center of Hokkaido’s Akabira Naie Line prefectural road. The location is easily accessible from any direction - Douou (central Hokkaido) area, Douhoku (northern Hokkaido) and Doutou (eastern Hokkaido). The Tirol-no-Yu Onsen facility is next to the road station. Tirol is derived from the Tyrol mountains in Europe and some locals say the landscapes are similar. At the shop, they focus on Japanese pickled vegetables and such, and there is a large range of unique pickle packs. As the city formerly flourished via a coal mine, a big mass of coal is exhibited.

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