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2月下旬的札幌 / At the end of February in Sapporo

2月下旬的札幌是感覺介於春季和冬季之間的時期。 一天當中最高氣溫為2到3度。 溫暖的日子時也有超過5度的日子。 在晴天時,即時氣溫很低但因為日照的影響路面的結冰也會融化。 一日當中最低氣溫在溫暖的日子也有零下2度到3度。 也有下看到零下5度的日子。 特別是夜晚會變寒冷。如果上空寒流來襲時,也有可能會下大雪。

At the end of February it’s almost between winter and spring. The highest temperature during the day gets to plus 2 or 3 degrees, sometimes even over plus 5. On a sunny day, one feels the sunlight is strong and shiny, and can melt snow or ice even on a cold day. The lowest temperature during the day is typically only minus 2 or 3 degrees. However, it sometimes goes down to minus 5 or lower. It still gets cold, especially at night, and people need to be careful while walking outside. When a cold air mass visits, it can bring a lot of snow for a day.

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