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南FURANO / Minami Furano

南FURANO(位於南富良野町) 是在國道38號沿線上的道路休息站。隔壁有水庫形成的湖泊-KANAYAMA湖。KANAYAMA湖和空知川盛行獨木舟。 道路休息站建築物的特徵就是將獨木舟的弓型尖端作為概念的外觀。 一樓有大型水槽,裡面有空知川和KANAYAMA湖內棲息的伊富魚、雨鱒魚和石斑魚等淡水魚優游著。 二樓也有以森林為主題的展示空間。

Minami Furano (Minami Furano Town) is a road station on route 38. Lake Kanayama is an artificial lake created by a dam, upon the shores of which this road station stands. At Lake Kanayama and Sorachi River, canoeing is popular. In recognition of that the architectural design of the building incorporates the shape of a canoe. On the first floor, there is a big fish tank on display, with Itou, Amemasu or Ugui, which are fish living in the freshwater of the lake and river are swimming there. On the second floor, there is an exhibition room displaying the forest and wood in the town.

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