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2020 札幌雪祭小雪像: 2020東京奧運 / 2020 Sapporo Snow Festival Small snow sculptures: The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

2020東京奧運是從7月24日( 週五)到8月9日(週日)舉行。 在東京舉辦奧運是從1964年以來, 相隔56年第二次舉辦。 雖然幾乎所有的比賽都是在東京都內舉辦,也有部分競賽是在東京近郊舉辦。再者, 馬拉松和競走則是在札幌市舉辦。此外,足球是使用全國各地的7個會場。札幌巨蛋也是其中之一。

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will be held from Friday, July 24 to Sunday, August 9. Tokyo will host the Olympic Games for the second time, with the first in 1964. After 56 years, Tokyo will again show its metropolitan hub to the world. Most Olympic events are being held inside Tokyo, but some are in neighboring areas such as Kanagawa or Chiba prefectures. In a shock move, Sapporo in Hokkaido was awarded the hosting of the marathon and walking. Also, Sapporo Dome will be a stadium for soccer, one of seven such stadiums. The women’s and men’s marathons are planned for August 8th and 9th, although they might yet change.

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