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2020 札幌雪祭小雪像 / 2020 Sapporo Snow Festival Small snow sculptures

每年市民雪像(經過抽選所選出來的一般市民所製作的小規模雪像) 中,常常以當年成為話題的人物、完成的事、當年的新聞為主題來製作雪像。 在2020年札幌雪季的市民雪像當中,有和去年在日本舉行的橄欖球世界杯相關的主題,以及今年的東京奧運相關的主題。此外也有慰問因野火而辛苦的澳洲的作品。

At Sapporo Snow Festival, 80 teams are drawn by ballot to make their snow sculptures. Some teams like to use memorable people or events from the previous or present year as themes. In the 2020 Snow Festival, designs related to rugby football (the Rugby World Cup was held in Japan last year and Japan’s national team created history by making the knockout stage) and 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games have been made. Also, a sculpture to cheer up Australia, ravaged by ongoing bushfires that have destroyed homes and taken lives, has been commissioned.

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