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札幌丘珠機場 / Sapporo Okadama Airport

札幌丘珠機場(位於札幌市東區)的2樓有餐廳「丘珠廚房」。 從窗邊的吧台座位可以很清楚看到飛機的滑行跑道。 如果晴天條件良好的日子甚至可以看到120公里以外的十勝岳。招牌菜色是丘珠咖哩。因為丘珠從以前開始就是盛產洋蔥的地區, 咖哩大量地使用洋蔥。餐廳的使用者可以免費使用停車場兩小時。

Sapporo Okadama Airport (Sapporo City Higashi-ku) houses a restaurant, Okadama Kitchen, on the second floor of the main terminal. At the counter seats facing a big window, one can see the airplanes on the runway. On a sunny day with clear skies, it’s possible to see Mt. Tokachi-dake, which is about 120 kilometers away. A popular menu item is their special curry dish, Okadama Curry. This menu uses onions a lot to make a curry sauce poured over rice. This is because Okadama is a famous growing area for onions. Guests at the restaurant can get two hours free parking.

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