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2019 札幌雪祭5丁目大冰雕/ 2019 Sapporo Snow Festival Large ice sculpture at Odori 5-chome site


The theme of the large ice sculpture at the 5-chome West site is Mt. Jade and the former Kaohsiung Station. Mt. Jade is the highest peak in Taiwan at 3952 meters. The area surrounding the mountain is a nature reserve. Because of beautiful nature with different animals and plants, it’s a popular destination. In 2014, a friendship agreement between Mt. Jade and Mt. Fuji was established. The former Kaohsiung Station, built in 1940, remains a symbol of Taiwan. It has been preserved, and is now being used as a museum of its construction. In the future, the former and present Kaohsiung Stations will be connected.

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