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Ribbon NAPOLIN (緞帶那不勒斯)是札幌啤酒集團旗下的飲料製造商所生產和銷售的碳酸飲料。誕生於1911年,1954年開始成為北海道限定商品。因此也受到來北海道觀光的日本觀光客的喜愛。使用甜椒的色素因此飲料呈現橘紅色。使用北海道產的飲用水和北海道產的甜菜所製作的砂糖來製造。

Ribbon NAPOLIN is a carbonated drink made and sold by one of the Sapporo Beer group of companies. This drink is over 100 years old, first released in 1911. Since 1954, it has been sold only in Hokkaido. This is why even Japanese people who don't live in Hokkaido are eager to drink this, and excited as they find in it. This drink gets it color from paprika so the color is orange though it doesn’t use orange fruit. Also, NAPOLIN uses Hokkaido water and sugar from sugar beet. The name is derived from Napoli in Italy, because it aimed for the bright image of the city.

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