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2019 札幌雪祭8丁目的大雪像/ / 2019 Sapporo Snow Festival Large snow sculpture at 8-chome site

RED BEARJR貨物柴油機車「DF200」的暱稱。連結全日本242處貨物車站,一日中約有500輛貨物列車運行。總行駛距離大約為繞地球5圈。從北海道運送許多農產品到日本各地。北海道產的馬鈴薯中約四成,洋蔥約七成是透過鐵路來運送到本州。

The theme of the large snow sculpture at the 8-chome site is Red Bear. It is the nickname of the DF200, which is a locomotive used by Japan Rail Freight. The number of all DF200s running on a typical day is about 500. They carry a lot of cargo between 242 stations throughout Japan. The total distance across which the rails extend is about 200,000 kilometers, which is equivalent to circumnavigating the globe five times. From Hokkaido, a lot of agricultural products are transferred to all parts of Japan. About 40 percent of potatoes and 70 percent of onions produced in Hokkaido are sent to Honshu.

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