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豪斯耶爾維奈井江 / Hausuyarubi Naie

豪斯耶爾維奈井江(位在奈井江町)是在國道12號沿線上的道路休息站。是位在「日本第一長的直線道路(29.2 km)」滝川和美唄的幾乎是在中間的位置。是由擁有姐妹市關係的芬蘭共和國的豪斯耶爾維鎮而命名。木屋建築的風格有令人感到心情放鬆的氣氛。很符合米的名產地奈井江,其著名的名產是使用米粉來製作的雙淇淋。

Hausuyarubi Naie (Naie Town) is a road station on route 12. Actually, it’s located at the midpoint of Japan’s longest straight road, which is 29.2 kilometers, and runs between Takikawa city and Bibai city. Hausuyarubi derives its name from its sister town in Finland, Hausjärvi. In fact, the spelling is from the Japanese-style pronunciation . The architecture of the road station is like a big log house which makes for a warm mood, especially in winter. Naie is one of the most important places for rice production in Hokkaido, so their shop sells unique rice products like ice soft cream containing rice powder.

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