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SHIN SHINOTSU(位於新篠津村)是兼併溫泉設施-TAPPUNOYU的道路休息站。沿著岩見沢市~江別市,以及札幌市的主要道路上。隔壁有產地直營市場,販賣剛採收的蔬菜。正對面則是SHINOTSU公園,夏天時露營和烤肉的人很多非常熱鬧。新月湖的SHINOTSU湖,冬天則是可以釣公魚。

Shinshinotsu (Shinshinotsu Village) is a road station on a Hokkaido prefectural road connecting Iwamizawa, Ebetsu and Sapporo cities. It was established in the onsen hotel “Tappu-no Yu”, with one-day bathing also available. Next to this road station, there is a small market selling fresh vegetables. As Shinotsu Park is just in front of the road station, this area is a good place to have fun and relax. At Lake Shinotsu, beside the park, people can enjoy fishing for smelt during winter. It’s a crescent-shaped lake formed when a meander of the river was cut off from the main channel.

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