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新琴似屯田兵中隊本部 / Shinkotoni Tondenhei Headquarters


Shinkotoni Tondenhei Headquarters (Sapporo City Kita-ku) is a historical building registered as a cultural asset of Sapporo. It is located adjacent to Shinkotoni Shrine. In 1887, 146 families came to this area from Kyushu to cultivate the land. They worked as Tondenhei, who were charged with protecting Hokkaido from other countries, and agriculture. The building used as their headquarters has been preserved and is now a museum. Visitors can learn how Tondenhei worked and lived. Tondenhei in Shinkotoni created an artificial river for agriculture and for preventing flooding. Now, it is called Yasuharu River, and it’s a popular leisure spot for local people.

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