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Pia 21 Shihoro

PIA21 SHIHORO(位於士幌町)是在國道241號線和國道274號線交叉處的道路休息站。20174月重新裝潢開幕。設計成像牛舍一般的外觀。士幌町是以農業和畜牧業為主要根基產業的鎮,因此以「食」作為主題。使用「士幌牛肉」的菜單和特產馬鈴薯來製作的炸薯條很受歡迎。

Pia 21 Shihoro (Shihoro Town) is a road station located at the intersection of route 241 and route 274. The road station was relocated to it's present site in April, 2017, following the construction of a new building. The motif of it's architectural design is a cattle barn. This is because Shihoro’s main industry is breeding cattle and agriculture. This road station focuses on local food, presenting a menu which showcases Shiroro Beef, which is one of the most famous beef brands in Hokkaido. Also, potato dishes such as fried potatoes are popular. Not only tourists but local people also frequent this road station to enjoy a meal.

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