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樽前GARO / Tarumae Garo

TARUMAE GARO(位於苫小牧市)是在樽前山山麓的溪谷。因為河川侵蝕的作用,兩側形成了幾乎垂直的岩壁。岩石的表面生長著整片的苔癬。在新綠季節的6月,初夏的陽光可以直達到的深處的川底,顯得特別漂亮。因為這裡也是棕熊的棲息地,因此清晨黃昏避免進入森林,也一定要攜帶驅熊鈴鐺。可以下去懸崖下但是因為很滑所以要注意安全。

Tarumae Garo (Tomakomai City) is a shallow gorge running through the forest at the base of Mt. Tarumae. On both sides of the stream are big rocks vertica, created by the erosion of the stream over a long period. Green moss grows on the rocks, and it makes for a splendid and unique landscape. In June, when the forest gets green after winter, the sunlight reaches the stream, and it’s a beautiful sight. Hokkaido’s brown bear, or Higuma, live there. Visitors should wear a bell to alert the bears of their presence so the bears can leave. Also, people shouldn’t go there in the early morning or at sunset.

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