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神居古潭 / Kamui Kotan

神居古潭(位於旭川市)位於石狩川上游的溪谷,是可以享受健行的景觀勝地。從停車場通過步行者專用的大橋之後有作為公園而建好的綠地。20世紀初這裡是鐵道的車站( 1969年停止運作)。現今這裡展示著蒸汽火車。神居古潭在阿伊努語當中有「神所居住的地方」之意。是觀賞紅葉的著名景點。

Kamui Kotan (Asahikawa City) is a beautiful, well known viewing spot in the upper Ishikari River valley. Visitors can enjoy walking in the forest on the exclusive cyclist and pedestrian road. From the parking area, after crossing Kamui Ohashi, or Kamui Big Bridge, one enters a large green space. There used to be a railway station here, built in the early 20th century, and demolished in 1969. Now, a steam locomotive remains on display. Kamui Kotan means 'place where gods live' in the Ainu language. This place is also a famous location for taking in the spectacle of colored leaves in autumn.

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