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藻琴山展望停車場公園 / Mokotoyama Tenbou Chusha Kouen


Mokotoyama Tenbou Chusha Kouen (Teshikaga Town) stands for Mt. Mokoto Parking Observation Spot. As the name suggests, it's a good place to have a rest from driving, allowing people to experience the beautiful panorama of Lake Kussharo. This observation point is on Mokoto Pass, at an elevation of 430 meters. It is on Hokkaido's prefectural road #102, which connects Teshikaga Town and Higashimokoto Village. Mt. Io, a famous sightseeing spot in this area, can be seen over Lake Kussharo. In autumn, the colored leaves are beautiful. Weather conditions permitting, a sea of clouds can be seen. This spot is 30 minutes by car from Kawayu Hot Springs.

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