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2017 Autumn Fest 10丁目, 11丁目 / 10-chome, 11-chome

10丁目會場的主題是「肉的Zyu-丁目」。會場命名由來為烤肉時肉會發出Zyu-(日文的狀聲詞)的聲音和10丁目的Zyu-(數字10的日文發音)。這裡有使用雞肉、豬肉、牛肉、羊肉的各式料理的店家。11丁目的會場主題為「世界美食公園」。可以嘗試台灣、義大利 、西班牙、土耳其等各國菜色。也有北海道內的麵包店販賣專區。

The theme of 10-chome is Oniku (meat) Jyuu-chome. It's a Japanese pun. The sound of barbecuing meat is typically recognized as 'jyuu' in Japanese and the number 'ten' is 'jyuu'. There are food stalls selling various meat dishes, using chicken, pork, beef and lamb raised in Hokkaido. The theme of 11-chome is World Food Park. Visitors can find international cuisines, such as Taiwanese, Italian, Spanish and Turkish. There is also a shop selling bread made by popular bakeries in Hokkaido. Like with outdoor camping, tents are used as an eating area.

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