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2017 Autumn Fest 5丁目, 6丁目 / 5-chome, 6-chome


The theme of 5-chome is Hokkaido Ramen Festival and Kuidaore Square. Twenty different ramen noodle shops are operating through the Autumn Fest; five a week over the four week duration. All the bowls are 700 yen. People can also try many local, delicious delicacies made Hokkaido ingredients in Kuidaore's stalls, next to the Ramen Festival. Kuidaore means to eat a lot, and to not stop, it as it's too delicious. The theme of 6-chome is Harvest Bazaar. They focus on various genres of food, such as Japanese, Asian, and Western food. Sapporo's speciality, soup curry with rice, is offered at several stalls. There is a stage where music and performances are on offer.

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