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We compile information on “0 yen tourist spots” and “must-see paid spots with extra benefits” and then keep them in our blog as archives for your convenience. We also introduce the food of Hokkaido and interesting souvenirs to take home.



道產食彩HUG / HUG-Mart and HUG-Eat

這家店位於狸小路5丁目。由HUG-mart和HUG-eat 兩部分所構成。HUG-mart 是販售使用北海道產食材的食品( 農產品、海產品、畜產品、加工食品)。在HUG-eat 則是可以享用使用北海道產食材的各種菜餚。

This shop is located in Tanuki Koji 5-chome. HUG-Mart is a shop and HUG-eat is a food court. HUG-Mart sells food (farm, stock farm and marine products, and processed food). At HUG-Eat, you can enjoy eating food using ingredients produced in Hokkaido.

北海道自治勞會館 / Hokkaido Jichiro Kaikan Building


There is a big stuffed Higuma-bear at the entrance of this building. According to the sign, it is eight year-old male bear. As a lot of people use this entrance, please be careful not to get in the way. This place is not really meant as a tourist spot, but you can take a photo if you a nice and quick about it.