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We compile information on “0 yen tourist spots” and “must-see paid spots with extra benefits” and then keep them in our blog as archives for your convenience. We also introduce the food of Hokkaido and interesting souvenirs to take home.



羽幌玫瑰花園 / Haboro Rose Park

Haboro Rose Park (Haboro Town) grows approximately 300 species of rose, most of them suited to cool weather. Some of these rose species can not be seen in Honshu Island, and some are rare even in Hokkaido. Visitors can enjoy the garden from July to October as the time for blooming depends on different species. Some different species of Rugosa rose, also known as the Japanese rose or Hamanasu, are grown too. In summer, people can enjoy faint of the sea. This park is next to the road station in Haboro Town.


彩香之里 / Saika-no Sato


Saika-no Sato (Nakafurano Town) grows eight different types of lavender in a field which is approximately six hectares in size. These lavender plants are all purple but the peak blooming times are different. They grow not only lavender, but other colorful flowers such as sunflowers. Saika-no Sato literally means ‘Colorful and Aromatic Field’ in English. Compared to Farm Tomita , which is known as the pioneer of lavender growing in this area, visitors might be able to relax more because it's not as crowded. They have a cafe and shop offering drinks, snack and souvenirs. Saiko-no Sato is about 25 minutes on foot from Nakafurano Station.

Flower Park

Flower Park (位於中富良野町)是鄰近町營薰衣草園的觀光景點。雖然春天到夏天有各式各樣的花卉在這裡盛開,但是最有名的果然還是薰衣草。園內有「北之咖哩工房」,以實惠的價格提供使用當地產的蔬菜所做成的咖哩飯。為了促進町內的活力,主要是聚集在農村內工作的女性來營運餐廳。

Flower Park (Nakafurano Town) is next to Lavender Field, and both are run by the town. Various different flowers are grown here and they bloom from spring to summer, but lavender in July is the highlight. This park has a restaurant called Kitano Curry Koubou which stands for Northern Curry Studio in English. They offer several curry with rice dishes as well as other food at reasonable prices. Vegetables produced in the town are mainly used as ingredients. The women working on farms in the town made a group to promote Nakafurano tourism and they run this curry house.

中富良野町營薰衣草園 / Nakafurano Town Lavender Field

中富良野町營薰衣草園內栽種3種的薰衣草,最佳觀賞時間爲6月下旬到7月下旬。這裡一到冬天便做為滑雪場來使用,因此有纜車設備。雖然需要另外付費但是在薰衣草的季節可以乘坐纜車到山丘上欣賞景色。 薰衣草園隔壁有另外稱作Flower Park的另一座公園。

Nakafurano Town Lavender Field is run by local government and is one of the most popular spots to see lavender in Nakafurano Town in summer. Three different lavender species are grown here, and they bloom from the end of June till the end of July. In winter, this place is a ski field, so there is chair lift to reach the top of the hill. During lavender season, this lift is in service, although it is a paid service. It allows people to take in the beautiful view from the top of the hill. The other park, Flower Park, is next to this field.


東方薰衣草農場 / Lavender East

東方薰衣草農場(Lavender East;位於上富良野町)是以薰衣草而聞名的富田農場的另一個設施,於2008年開幕。本來這裡是做為香料用薰衣草的栽培地,只限於7月公開給觀光客參觀。位於富田農場東方約4公里的位置。園內有需付費使用由拖拉機來拉動的觀光棚車,可在車上欣賞壯闊的景色。

Lavender East (Kamifurano Town) is a lavender field with facilities for tourists which opened in 2008. It is managed by Farm Tomita which is a famous sightseeing spot in Nakafurano Town. Originally, the site of Lavender East was just a field to produce lavender for perfume, but since 2008 they opened to visitors only in July. There is a shop and cafe, and a big observation deck where people can experience a panoramic view. The location is about four kilometers from Farm Tomita's main site. There is an open-roof carriage pulled by a tractor, though it's a paid attraction.

富田農場 / Farm Tomita


Farm Tomita (Nakafurano Town) is a popular tourist spot in the Furano Area, and very famous for its beautiful flower beds in particular. The lavender which blooms in July is especially well-known, and recognized as the highlight of tourism in summer in Furano Area. There are several fields of purple lavender and several colorful fields where different color flowers bloom to make layers. The photos of them are often used in travel guides. There is no cost to see inside their factories, which make lavender-related goods such as perfume and soap. There are also cafes and shops selling soft ice cream, snacks and souvenirs.


漁川大壩自由廣場 / Izarigawa Dam Free Space


Izarigawa Dam Free Space (Eniwa City) is an open place like a park built in front of the high concrete dam. Sometimes, visitors can see water spilling over from the artificial lake, which is called Eniwa Lake. Visitors can walk on the top of the high concrete structure, allowing them to take in a panoramic view of the lake. In addition, there is a dam office where museum facilities can be enjoyed. People can learn of the nature around the dam and lake. Moreover, next to this Free Space, there is a different park which is famous for cherry blossoms.

7月上旬的札幌 / In the beginning of July in Sapporo


In the beginning of July in Sapporo, it is common for the temperature to reach 25 degrees. Most people in Hokkaido recognize this time as the start of summer. The lowest temperature is usually around 15 degrees. Hokkaido doesn't have the rainy season - or tsuyu in Japanese - because the climate is different from that of Honshu Island in which the three biggest cities - Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya - are located. Of course, even in Hokkaido, we can get runs of rainy days. The weather, however, it is not as humid as in Honshu. It isn't unusual to see people walking around wearing short sleeved clothing at this time.

花卉節 / Flower Festival


Flower Festival (Sapporo City Chuo-ku) is a big event held in Odori Park over nearly a week from the end of June to the beginning of July. This festival is a sign for Sapporo citizens that summer has come. There are some big attractions such as the gardening contest for high school students who study agriculture, horticulture or floriculture. Also, the exhibition of hanging flower baskets is popular too. Moreover, there are tents selling flowers and plants for growing both in the garden at home or inside the house, and flower-related goods. Making a hanging basket is a popular experience for visitors.