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We compile information on “0 yen tourist spots” and “must-see paid spots with extra benefits” and then keep them in our blog as archives for your convenience. We also introduce the food of Hokkaido and interesting souvenirs to take home.



Kamaei(日文店名為かま栄) / Kamaei

Kamaei (Otaru City) is a very old kamaboko maker, established in 1905. Kamaboko is boiled fish paste. They sell a variety of kamaboko products at their 12 branches throughout Hokkaido, and their factory is located between Otaru Canal and the very popular tourist site - Sakaimachi Street. You can observe the production process of the kamaboko through the show window for free. As the main production time at the factory is in the morning, it is wise to visit before 12.00 p.m. This factory is connected to a shop which also has seating for diners. No reservations are needed for the restaurant. Their most popular product is Pan Roll, which is rolled kamaboko with a slice of bread. Pan means bread in English.



Royce' Chocolate World(位於新千歲機場 / New Chitose Airport)

Royce' Chocolate World(位於新千歲機場)是以巧克力為主題,可免費參觀的博物館。經營博物館的是讓生巧克力成為北海道土特產的熱門商品而變得有名的Royce' Confect公司。這裏也設有巧克力工廠,您可透過玻璃觀賞到商品剛做好的樣子。在這您也可學到巧克力的歷史和各國的巧克力文化。

Royce' Chocolate World (New Chitose Airport) is a free museum celebrating different things about chocolate. Royce' became one of the most famous confectionary companies in Hokkaido after the success of their Nama Choko. Nama translates to rare in English, but the word Nama also has the meaning of "very soft texture". Choko stands for chocolate. The museum also includes a Royce' factory, and visitors can see the production process of their products through a glass wall. There are exhibits to study the history of chocolate, and chocolate-themed culture throughout the world, as well as various examples of their products.

Waya 青年旅舍 / Waya Guesthouse

waya是於201411月時開幕的青年旅舍。waya 的日文漢字寫成「和」與「家」。「和」意指希望入住者都能沈靜在這裏(日文漢字的""有溫和平靜的意思),「家」意指希望這裏的氣氛能讓入住者如同在自己家般的放鬆,因此取名waya(和家)。而正如其名的,waya整體飄散著會使入住者很自然的說出"我回來了"的氣氛。

1 Dormitory room (unisex): 8 beds, 3000 yen per person per night. 1 Dormitory room (women only): 8 beds, 3000 yen per person per night. Private Room: 4500 yen for one person, 7000 yen for two people, 9900 yen for three people, and 10000 yen for four people (maximum fo four) All prices are tax inclusive.

Waya is a guesthouse in Toyohira, Sapporo which opened in November 2014. "Wa" implies that guests can find calm and "Ya" suggests that guests can relax as if they are in their own cozy home. As suggested by the name, all staff at Waya are friendly, and welcoming to guests. 

1 Dormitory room (unisex): 8 beds, 3000 yen per person per night. 1 Dormitory room (women only): 8 beds, 3000 yen per person per night. Private Room: 4500 yen for one person, 7000 yen for two people, 9900 yen for three people, and 10000 yen for four people (maximum fo four) All prices are tax inclusive.


札幌拉麵街 / Ramen Alley


Ramen Alley consists of two streets - the original one and a new one - and both are narrow.  The new street is located near the original one. There are many ramen noodle shops on both sides of the alley and it has a unique atmosphere. Ramen is well-known as one of Sapporo's local specialty foods, with Sapporo's miso ramen being particularly famous. Miso flavor ramen actually heralds from Sapporo. Aji-no Sanpei created it many years ago, and their shop is now on the fourth floor of Daimaru Fujii Central Building in downtown Sapporo.


航空歷史展覽館 / Airport History Museum


Airport History Museum (a free spot) is located on the 3rd floor of New Chitose Airport like the Ozora Museum. Uniforms of flight attendants of successive generations of Japan Airlines, and various airplane models are exhibited. Visitors can learn the history of the airport from the photos on display. As the information about this museum is not available in English or Chinese on their website (as of March 2015), tourists from overseas countries might be aware of it. In addition to the museum, contained in the different buildings of New Chitose Airport are a number of places where airplane models are displayed. Each place has a quiz and a map of the locations is free of charge.

大空博物館 / Ozora Museum (Sky Museum)


Ozora Museum - which means Sky Museum in English - is located on the 3rd floor of New Chitose Airport, the gateway to Hokkaido. This place may not be known by non-Japanese speakers, because only the Japanese website has information about it (as of March 2015). Visitors can see interesting exhibits such as real tires for airplanes or detailed plastic models. This is a must-see spot for airplane fans. There is a shop selling different plane themed merchandise. Kids can try on pilot or flight attendant uniforms for free and have their photos taken. There is also a flight simulator, and there is a fee to use this.


溫泉瀑布 & 河童像 / Yu-no Taki & Kappa statues


Yu-no Taki is located near Jozankei Gensen Park at Jozankei hot springs (Sapporo City Minami-ku - Southern Ward). Yu means hot water and taki means waterfall. At Yu-no Taki, hot water pours down a black rock face, while a resting kappa (imaginary creature of Japanese folklore) is there. The kappa looks relaxed in the hot water as it is lying there. It is an enjoyable and relaxing activity to walk around Jozankei hot springs, and find as many of the kappa statues as you can. Please remember that some of them are buried in snow in the winter.

免費的足浴設施 / Foot baths


There are two free foot baths, and one free hand bath located in Jozankei Hot Springs (Sapporo City). The two foot baths are named 'Taro-no-yu - Towards good friendship' and 'Ashitsubo-no-yu - Towards good health', and are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. 365 days of the year.

The hand bath, or 'The Kappa family Gankake Teyu' is where you can wash and purify your hands and pray for good luck. It is open 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. The kappa is an imaginary creature in Japanese folklore. Jozankei hot springs uses the kappa as an emblem and mascot.


定山源泉公園 / Jozankei Gensen Park


Jozankei Gensen Park (Sapporo City) is located at Jozankei hot springs. Gensen means ‘source of hot spring water.’ Visitors can bathe their tired feed in nice hot water at the foot bath. There is also a unique facility to boil eggs using very hot onsen (or spring) water. In Japanese, when eggs are boiled in the hot water of an onsen, they are called onsen tamago (onsen egg). It is possible to buy raw eggs to boil from the convenience store near the park. The life-size statue of Jozan Miizumi is also exhibited there. It is open 365 days (7002100). Please be aware there is no parking available.

LeTAO總店 / LeTAO's head shop


LeTAO is a confectionery chain with shops mainly in Otaru. Its head shop is located at Marchen Crossroad on Sakaimachi Street, which is a popular street for tourists as there are many unique shops to be found. There is an observation floor and visitors can enter it free of charge. A beautiful sea vista can be seen from there. The shops usually offer small samples of their chocolate for tasting on the street. They have wide range of products from chocolates to pastry. Their cheese cake has a very soft texture and it is among the most popular of Otaru's souvenirs.

SOUVENIR OTARUKAN小木桶 / Souvenir Otaru Kan

SOUVENIR OTARUKAN小木桶(位於小樽市)是位於堺町通的大型土產店。這家店的主題是萬花筒,因此在店內的藝廊展示約1000件萬花筒,也販賣萬花筒。(商品以外的萬花筒是只作為展示用,不能拍照攝影也不可觸碰。)可免費入場參觀,也可付費製作自己原創的萬花筒。

Souvenir Otaru Kan (Otaru City) is a big souvenir shop located on Sakaimachi Street. They mainly sell kaleidoscopes; and there is also a gallery, which is free to enter. Some old and precious kaleidoscopes are for exhibition only, but there are more than 1,000 kaleidoscope products on sale. Touching the old kaleidoscopes is prohibited, and taking photos is prohibited throughout the shop. A unique experience at this shop is making one's own kaleidoscope with your favorite parts. There is a big stuffed Higuma bear in front of the entrance. There are, of course, typical souvenirs such as chocolates or cookies for purchase also.


WING BAY小樽 / Wing Bay Otaru

WING BAY小樽是位於小樽市的大型商場,從超市到電影院、溫泉設施在內都找得到。WING BAY小樽與JR小樽築港車站(離小樽車站往札幌方向兩站的距離)。設施內的美食廣場內有烏龍麵、壽司等飲食店、中午吃飯時間時附近居民也常利用因此非常熱鬧。在這你可以用合理的價格享用日式料理,此外也有咖啡廳等許多其他種類的餐廳在此。

Wing Bay Otaru (Otaru City) is a large shopping mall which houses a super market, a movie theater and even an onsen facility. It is connected to JR Otaru Chikko Station; which is two stops from JR Otaru Station going toward Sapporo. There is an udon noodle shop and a sushi shop in the food court. Many local people often frequent this food court, especially at lunch time. Tourists can eat Japanese food at reasonable prices here too. In addition to this, there are many restaurants and coffee shops at Wing Bay. A good place to visit to eat, shop, and relax after enjoying sightseeing in the center of Otaru.


築港臨海公園 / Chikko Rinkai Park (Chikko Seaside Park)

築港臨海公園(位於小樽市)位於大型商場WING BAY小樽的對面。從JR小樽築港車站有天橋步道連結此地。雖然在冬天時公園就只有被積雪所覆蓋著,但對於想摸摸看白雪的觀光客而言築港臨海公園或許是個有趣的地方(當地居民在冬天時幾乎不會使用公園)。公園內也設有長椅,春天到秋天的這段時間公園便是沿著海岸的免費休息處。

Chikko Rinkai Park (Otaru City) is located in front of Wing Bay Otaru, which is a large shopping mall and outlet center. Its English name is Chikko Seaside Park, and it is connected to JR Otaru Chikko Station by a pedestrian footbridge. In winter, the park is completely covered in snow. It might be an interesting spot for tourists from countries with hot weather. They can have fun in the snow before or after looking around Wing Bay Otaru. There are seats in the park, and from spring to autumn, it is surely a good place to take a rest by the seaside.

田中酒造(龜甲藏)/ Tanaka Shuzoh (Kikkogura)


Tanaka Shuzoh (Otaru City) is a well-established, and well-known Japanese sake maker established in 1899. Visitors can enjoy seeing their factory (Kikkogura) free of charge. There are also 10 original sake products available for tasting. It takes 10 minutes from JR Minami Otaru Station to Kikkogura by foot; or 15 minutes from the Marchen Crossroads (known as Meruhen Kousaten in Japanese) which is in front of LeTAO confectionery’s head shop. Kikkogura Factory is classified as one of Otaru’s important historical buildings. They are open 365 days.