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在法布爾*的森林觀察飼育舍 / The Fabre Forest Observation and Nursery Centre

* 尚-亨利·法布爾為歷史上著名的法國昆蟲學家,以《昆蟲學回憶錄》一著作留名後世。

The Fabre Forest Observation and Nursery Centre (Kuriyama Town) focuses especially on the Omurasaki butterfly which is commonly known as the Japanese emperor or the great purple emperor. The butterfly is recognized as Japan's national butterfly by Japan Insect Society. At this center, the Omurasaki butterfly is artificially bred. Kuriyama is the eastern limit of its habitat in Japan, and Kuriyama's colony faces extinction. This center also functions as an educational facility, so they exhibit the Omurasaki butterflies after breeding them in a big net tent outdoors, as well as different specimens, for visitors. July is a good time to visit this great facility.

栗山自然情報館交流廣場 / Kuriyama Nature and Wildlife Information Center


Kuriyama Nature and Wildlife Information Center (Kuriyama Town) is an educational facility known as Kuriyama Shizen Jouhoukan in Japanese. It is also called Fureai Plaza, which means a place to come into contact with nature, in English. It is next to Kuriyama Park. This park is at the foot of Mt. Odaishi, so visitors can learn about the ecological system of the mountain. There are more than 30 types of freshwater fish such as crucian carp and loach, and other water creatures such as crayfish exhibited. In addition, visitors can see insects. Sometimes, they hold events in which visitors can experience insect collecting.

綠的故鄉森林公園 / Green Hometown Forest Park


Green Hometown Forest Park (Eniwa City) is very large and it consists of four forested areas. The original Japanese name is Midori-no Furusato Shinrin Kouen. There are various facilities to experience and study nature. At the Wild Bird Observation Hut, visitors can listen to birds' singing. At the Forest Center, many wooden toys are exhibited. At the Adventure Playground, there are many interesting obstacles you can have fun trying to overcome. Of course, it is possible for visitors to take in nature while walking on one of the many paths in the forest. This park is near Eniwa Valley. Public transport is not so convenient, so visiting by car is recommended.


不動之瀑 / Fudou Waterfall

不動之瀑(位於栗山町)是在Taratsu 川落差5公尺,寬度7公尺的瀑布。瀑布名字的由來是在1905年時,開拓此地的群眾將不動明王的雕像安置在此地的原因。春天是櫻花(5月上旬到中旬) 、秋天是楓葉(10月中旬到下旬),景色十分宜人。從JR栗山站開車約20分鐘的距離。11月~4月末的期間會關閉。這裏也有可以取用瀑布飲水的地方。

Fudou Waterfall (Kuriyama Town) is on Taratsu River and it is five meters in height and seven meters in width. Its Japanese name is Fudou-no Taki and Fudou means Acala, a famous Buddhism deity. In 1905, those who were involved in the development of this area established Acala's statue there. From the beginning to the middle of May cherry trees bloom, and from the middle to the end of October the colored leaves are so beautiful. It takes about 20 minutes by car from JR Kuriyama Station. Visitors can drink natural pure water there. It is closed from November to the end of April.

栗山公園 / Kuriyama Park


Kuriyama Park (Kuriyama Town) is located at the foot of Mt. Odaishi. There are more than 300 cherry trees which bloom in the beginning of May. There is also a small zoo especially designed for children. The name of the zoo is Nakayoshi Doubutsuen which stands for Friend Zoo in English. There are tame mammals and fowl such as rabbits, goats, ponies, ducks and geese at the zoo. Some very tame animals are able to be petted and can be fed with food which is sold at a shop there. Another highlight, a steam locomotive which used to run in Kuriyama, is exhibited at a playground.

鶴居運動廣場 / Tsurui Undou Hiroba: Tsurui Exercise Park


Tsurui Undou Hiroba (Tsurui Village) is a big park where visitors can enjoy sports and other activities. Undou Hiroba stands for Exercise Park in English. There are interesting activities such as boating in a pond or karting on a special long course as paid attractions. Of course, it's free to enter this park and visitors can enjoy it without spending money. You can play at a river set up for all ages. Some visitors enjoy walking or running, too. There is a visitor center which houses a cafe and has free play equipment for kids. The park is open from the end of April to the end of October.

鮭魚·鱒魚情報館 / Sake Masu Jouhoukan: Salmon and Trout Information Center


Sake Masu Jouhoukan (Chitose City) is an exhibition facility managed by Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency. The name translates to Salmon and Trout Information Center in English. Before April of 2016, this facility was called Sake-no Sato Fureai Hiroba. After being refurbished, there is a big, new water tank in which visitors can see fish from the salmon and trout families. There are also many information panels from which visitors can learn about the ecology of salmon, the history of hatching for release, as well as other fish in the Chitose River. Chitose City is well known for a famous fishing spot next to a waterwheel.