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Paper Shop Sakuma

Paper Shop Sakuma (位於札幌市中央區)店內有展示空間,不定期會舉辦展覽會。(2017111日~128日是「札幌懷舊·經典典藏展」,主要是展示從1950年代到1970年代的商品包裝和印刷物品。)店內有販賣從和紙到各種種類的紙張。

Paper Shop “Sakuma” (Sapporo City Chuo-ku) is host to a small but intriguing exhibition space, where art-related exhibitions are sometimes held. (From November 1st through December 8th, a wide range of old product packages and company brochures are on show in the Sapporo Retro Graphics Exhibition. People can see something unusual, and bathe in the nostalgia of the old days. The designs, including hand-drawn pictures, old photos, logos and logotypes will remind viewers of yesteryear. The collections are mainly from 50s, 60s and 70s.) In other parts of the shop, a huge variety of different paper, such as washi (Japanese paper), is sold.

Minami 1-jo Higashi 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo

手稻紀念館 / Teine Memorial Museum


Teine Memorial Museum (Sapporo City Nishi-ku) is a free learning facility to cater for local residents such as elementary students. Anyone can visit it however. Visitors can learn the history of the Teine area. Various collections are exhibited, including daily-life goods of when the area was cultivated, specimens of animals and plants, exhibits relating to nature and the environment, and cultural items. Teine derives from Teinei which is from the Ainu language and stands for ‘wet land.’ Teine was first settled in 1871, when five families came from the Niigata Prefecture to cultivate the land.

栗夢廣場 / Kurimu Plaza


Kurimu Plaza (Kuriyama Town) is an information center referred to as a Machi-no Eki (Eki is station and Machi-no stands for ‘of town’.) Hokkaido has eight Machi-no-Eki. At Kurimu Plaza, sightseeing spots and local specialties are introduced. As a Machi-no Eki fills a role of a place for tourists to be able to take a rest, some chairs and tables are provided. On the wall, a large, detailed tourist map of the town is displayed. At a shop on site, local specialities such as Kuri Manjyu (sweet Japanese chestnut cake) are sold.