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We compile information on “0 yen tourist spots” and “must-see paid spots with extra benefits” and then keep them in our blog as archives for your convenience. We also introduce the food of Hokkaido and interesting souvenirs to take home.



This is OK? as our 0-yen (free) service for tourists


We have just started a new 0-yen (free) service for tourists from all over the world who may be thinking of visiting Hokkaido. It’s “This is OK?”, and it provides you with an opportunity to ask if your itinerary makes sense. Hokkaido is big, and it can take many hours to move from city to city. However, a lot of people seem to think it easier than it is. For example, from Sapporo to Kushiro is a seven hour drive. Eating breakfast in Sapporo and eating lunch in Kushiro is nigh on impossible. You can send your itinerary idea by direct message on Facebook and we can offer advice as to its feasibility.

星觀綠地 / Hoshimi Green Space


Hoshimi Green Space (Sapporo City, Teine-ku) is a big park in a residential area of Hoshioki. This park houses a nine hole park-golf course. Park-golf was created in Japan using one club and a bigger ball than usual golf. There are no rental services but playing is free. There is a big grassy area, nice for picnics. Walking or jogging is popular here. Each season has different highlight; cherry blossoms in spring, colorful flowers in summer, and colored leaves on trees in autumn. Be sure to keep an eye out for the foxes that live in the park. Hoshioki River runs through the park. There is a lot of free parking.

星置瀑布 / Hoshioki Falls


Hoshioki Falls (Sapporo City, Teine-ku) is on the Hoshioki River, which runs along Teine’s border with Otaru City. This waterfall is located near a residential area and there is an elementary school in front of the entrance to the path leading to the waterfall. Some visitors are surprised at the sudden immersion in nature. There is a sign at the entrance informing that a 150 meter path leads to the waterfall. The two-tiered waterfall is 12 meters high, and the water falls down to the deep basin swiftly, despite it not being a big waterfall. There is a Buddhist temple along the path. As no one is in attendance there, entrance is forbidden. There is no parking.


WAKKANAI(稚內市)是日本最北端的道路休息站,緊鄰JR稚內站。有標示日本最北端的招牌,是著名的拍照地點。呈現出列車員敲響出發鈴聲樣貌的流政之的雕刻作品也是著名的拍照地點。Wakkanai Select (咖啡廳)的招牌料理是西式牛肉燴飯。此外,在商店不只販賣稚內的土特產,也有販賣宗谷地區的特產品

Wakkanai (Wakkanai City) is a road station on route 40, and it’s the northernmost road station in Japan. It is housed within JR Wakkanai Station. A sign which shows visitors the northernmost rail point in the country is a popular photo spot. There are also some other photo worthy scenes. A sculpture of a man with a bell, a work by the sculptor Nagare Masayuki, is one of them. At Wakkanai Select, a café and a shop, hayashi rice (rice with hashed meat) is popular. They sell not only Wakkanai souvenirs, but also souvenirs of the northern areas of Hokkaido.

野付半島 / Notsuke Peninsula


Notsuke Peninsula is a long sand spit, and is actually the biggest in Japan, at 28 kilometers in length. The bottom part of the peninsula belongs to Shibetsu Town, but the majority of it falls under Betsukai Town. Both the peninsula and the gulf are registered under the Ramsar Convention to protect nature. Recently, because of global climate change, a lot of sand has disappeared from the spit. Sometimes the sea waves reach the road on the narrow land, which is the only way to reach the tip. Some academic parties warn that the peninsula may be cut off by rising sea levels and form an island.

開陽台 / Kaiyoudai


Kaiyoudai (Nakashibetsu Town) is a hill standing 270 meters high. It’s actually one of the major sightseeing spots in the eastern part of Hokkaido. As there is nothing obstructing the view, it offers a dynamic panoramic view. Visitors can see the horizon and feel that the earth is round! There is a big pasture on the west with over 1000 cows. The best season is from the end of April to the end of October when the observation deck and the shop is open. It’s about 15 minutes by car from the central part of the town.

In the fog

JR洞爺站 / JR Toya Station


JR Toya Station (Toyako Town) is on route 37. It’s a main station where limited express trains stop. There is a commemorative object celebrating the 34th G8 Summit (Hokkaido-Toyako Summit) held in 2008. As Maehama, a sandy beach, is near the station, it’s possible to walk to it. Maehama is on the Uchiura Gulf, which is curved in a C-shape, with the waves calm enough for people to enjoy swimming. Empty scallop shells are usually on the beach. Visitors can admire the view of mountains such as Mt. Komaga Dake on the other side of the gulf.

出光文化公園 / Idemitsu Culture Park


Idemitsu Culture Park (Tomakomai City) is the first designated Culture Park by the Ministry of Construction, and was the first such park in Hokkaido. It houses a multiple-use space, a pond, a fountain, an artificial stream to play in water, and a path with sculptures. Next to this garden, there are cultural facilities such as a library, a museum (paid), an indoor garden called Sun Garden (unpaid), and a gymnastics hall. The park was constructed in 1973 to commemorate the centenary of the city being formed. In 2016, by a naming rights contract with Idemitsu, the name changed.