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We compile information on “0 yen tourist spots” and “must-see paid spots with extra benefits” and then keep them in our blog as archives for your convenience. We also introduce the food of Hokkaido and interesting souvenirs to take home.



北海道的飲食文化(湯咖哩)/ Food Culture in Hokkaido - Soup Curry


Soup Curry is characterized by its very liquid curry sauce. It's like a bowl of curry soup, but it's indeed a meal in itself, eaten together with rice. After being cooked separately, large pieces of different kinds of food are added to the soup curry. In a typical bowl of soup curry, people can find vegetables grown in Hokkaido such as carrots, potatoes, pumpkin; and meat such as chicken legs. Soup Curry was created in Sapporo in the 1970s, and gained recognition as one of Hokkaido specialty foods in the early 2000s. You can make it at home too, with curry paste or sauce which you can find in any large supermarket.

Photos from Sapporo Sightseeing Photo Library


北海道的飲食文化(拉麵)/ Food Culture in Hokkaido - Ramen Noodles


In Japan, you can find various types of ramen noodles in different places, and each local ramen has its own special feature. Sapporo Ramen is recognized as one of most famous ramen noodles in Japan because the miso flavor was born in Sapporo more than 50 years ago. Sapporo Ramen typically has a thick and rich taste with a miso flavor. People combine a locations name and ingredient when naming different ramen tastes. The most famous in Hokkaido are Sapporo Miso Ramen, Hakodate Shio (salt in English) Ramen - light tasting and thin noodles, and Asahikawa Shouyu (soy sauce in English) Ramen - common point of these different ramens is their use of soup stock from dried fish.

2016年的札幌雪祭 Tsu Dome會場 / Sapporo Snow Festival 2016 Tsu Dome

札幌雪祭Tsu Dome會場是以玩雪為主題,屋外有雪制的大型溜滑梯和雪上泛舟活動,從小孩到大人都可以玩的很開心。雪祭期間的巨蛋內會設有飲食攤位、兒童遊戲區、休息區。只有Tsu Dome會場開放到2月18號。地下鐵東豐線榮町站徒步15分鐘即可抵達。也有公車到會場。

The Tsu Dome site of Sapporo Snow Festival focuses on playing in the snow. There are very large snow slides and snow rafting area outside the dome where both children and adults can enjoy playing. During the festival, shops serving food and beverages are set up in the dome. Also, attractions for children to play, and then rest are prepared in its spacious area. The Tsu Dome site closes on February 18th - a week after the Odori and Susukino sites. It takes 15 minutes on foot from Sakae-machi Station on the Toho subway line. There are buses from the station.


2016年的札幌雪祭 薄野會場 / Sapporo Snow Festival 2016 Susukino


Sapporo Snow Festival is held at three sites in the city. Susukino Site is one of them and the festival is held on the main street running from Sapporo Station, Ekimae-dori. The signature of the Susukino sight is ice sculptures. It is better to visit there at night because Susukino is one of most vibrant nightlife areas in Japan. Seeing ice sculptures at night is more beautiful than that at daytime since they are illuminated. The Ice Sculpture Contest is unique to Sapporo, and many artistic works are created. Also, sea creatures are exhibited within the ice walls every year. It is an ice aquarium.

2016年的札幌雪祭 大通會場 / Sapporo Snow Festival 2016 Odori Park

2016年的札幌雪祭是從25號~211號(Tsu Dome會場則是到18號為止)。大通會場的主要大型雪像有動漫人物·進擊的巨人、圓形劇場、台灣的奇岩·女王頭、澳門的聖保祿大教堂遺址、北海道新幹線、動漫人物·七龍珠。除了有國際雪像競賽,也有市民製作的小雪像。

The Sapporo Snow Festival is held at three sites in the city - Odori Park and Susukino in downtown Sapporo, and Tsu Dome in the suburbs. The Sapporo Snow Festival 2016 will run from February 5th to 11th (18th at Tsu Dome ). There are big snow and ice sculptures at the Odori Site every year. In 2016, they are Shingeki-no Kyojin - Japanese animation, an open-air amphitheater, a strange-shaped rock from Taiwan, the Queen's Head, the ruins of St. Paul's Church in Macau, Hokkaido Shinkansen (bullet train) and Dragon Ball Super - Japanese animation. The International Snow Sculpture Contest is held also where people from different countries create a carving relevant to their culture. Whats more, there are many citizen's snow sculptures.


札幌雪像雕刻展 / Sapporo Snow Sculpting Exhibition


The Sapporo Snow Sculpting Exhibition is held in the front yard of Hongo Shin Memorial Museum of Sculptures in Sapporo every year. It is a paid museum but visiting their front yard is free. Artists or students who are studying art or design in Sapporo make snow sculptures. In 2016, it is from January 22 to 24. On the 24th, they are holding a free workshop about lighting. Anyone can participate in the workshop, and they can illuminate snow sculptures with LED lights and candles in buckets made of ice. Mr. Shin Hongo, who died in 1980, is a famous sculptor born in Sapporo.


北海道廳的地下一樓食堂 / The cafeteria in the basement of the HokkaidoGovernment Building


The cafeteria in the basement of the Hokkaido Government Building (Sapporo City Chuo-ku) is self-service style. Not only Hokkaido Government employees and Hokkaido residents, but also tourists from around Japan and the world can dine there. There are some dishes using ingredients - mainly seafood or vegetables - from Hokkaido. Buying ticket(s) from vending machines is necessary and all dishes are served at the counter. The price is much cheaper than typical restaurants in the city. As of January 2016, a bowl of ramen noodles is 380 yen. They close on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Please don't visit this cafeteria for it's luxurious fittings, as it is very simple.

北1條Sapporo歷史寫真館 / Kita-1jo Sapporo History Photo Studio


Kita-1jo Underground Car Park is connected to Sapporo Ekimae-dori Underground Walkway by a separate underground passage. There are many seats for resting. A lot of photos showing old Sapporo landmarks such as streets, buildings, and events are exhibited on the walls of the passage. This isn't a real photo studio, but it is named "Kita-1jo Sapporo History Photo Studio." People can see what Sapporo used to be like by looking at photos taken many years ago while walking along the passage. These photos have a theme and are regularly changed. As of January 2016, the theme is Jozankei, which is famous for its hot springs.


札幌站前大道地下步行街 / Sapporo Ekimae-dori Underground Walkway


Sapporo Ekimae-dori Underground Walkway connects Sapporo Station and Odori subway station. It usually called by its nickname - Chikaho. Chika means underground and Ho stands for walkway. This 500 meter long walkway opened in March, 2011, and it takes about 10 minutes on foot between the two stations. It allows people to avoid bad weather through the year. People can rent space on both sides; and shops selling products made in Hokkaido or exhibitions of art work and such are always there. Furthermore, there are a lot of seats for resting. For tourists, free Wi-Fi is supplied, too.

千歲Outlet商城·Rera / Chitose Outlet Mall "Rera"


Chitose Outlet Mall "Rera" (Chitose City) is a huge shopping mall near New Chitose International Airport . It takes about 10 minutes by car from the airport. There are about 140 shops which cover a wide range of goods - from clothing (business suits, casual-wear, and sports-wear) , shoes, accessories, everyday goods (interior decoration goods, tableware and stationery) to restaurants and cafes. Visitors can find merchandise from over 400 well-known brands there. As Rera is designed like a town, you can enjoy taking a walk round the whole property. There are two free shuttle buses per hour between Rera and the New Chitose Airport. The mall is open 365 days of the year.

札幌市中央批發市場的場外市場 / Sapporo Central Wholesale Market's CurbMarket


Sapporo Central Wholesale Market's Curb Market (Sapporo City Chuo-ku) is next to the commercial wholesale markets. The curb market is open for any customers, be they locals or tourists. About 60 shops selling fresh fish and shellfish, vegetables and fruit, and processed food line both sides of the main street. There are also restaurants which offer sushi or set meals using Hokkaido seafood as well as other traditional Japanese dishes. Most shops and restaurants are open from 6 a.m to 5 p.m. This market is popular among tourists to observe and taste the food of Sapporo.

香菇王國 / Kinoko Oukoku "Mushroom Kingdom"


Kinoko Oukoku, which stands for "Mushroom Kingdom" in English, is an multi-faceted shop which is like a road-station. There are four branches in Hokkaido; each housing a souvenir shop, restaurant, rest rooms, and observation deck. They have wide range of processed foods made from mushrooms. Cream cheese and vinegar drinks are also their original famous products. Kinoko-jiru, which means mushroom soup, is very popular and famous, and is only 100 yen . The concentration of mushrooms in this soup is very thick. Kimobetsu branch is located on route 230 which connects Sapporo and areas of Niseko and Lake Toya. Please check out the room which has been set up to study mushrooms.

厚岸美食主題公園 / Akkeshi Gourmet Park


Akkeshi Gourmet Park (Akkeshi Town) is one of the most popular road stations in Hokkaido. There is a restaurant where people can eat local specialties such as oysters. There is also the option to rent equipment for grilling seafood which can be bought from the shop on site. Visitors can also enjoy the souvenir shop and mini-aquarium located on the first floor. The aquarium is free to enter and oysters and fish caught in Akkeshi are exhibited. Furthermore, people can sign up at the tourism counter for tourism activities such as canoeing . The view from the observation floor is wonderful, since the road station is located on a hill overlooking the town, affording a panoramic view.