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入船公園 / Irifune Park

入船公園(位於苫小牧市)是北海道大型港口之一的苫小牧港的出入口。為人工挖掘砂地的港口, 在全國來說也是很稀奇的。也很常可以在很近的地點看到停泊的大型貨物船。這裡有城市的象徵樽前山和當地盛行的運動冰上曲棍球的浮雕的展望台。也有許多人在那享受釣魚的樂趣。

Irifune Park (Tomakomai City) is at the mouth of Port Tomakomai, which is a main port for both passengers and sea cargo in Hokkaido. This port is rare, as it was constructed by excavating sand from the bottom of the sea. Ports are usually constructed making use of geographic features. Visitors can see big cargo ships berthed near the park. There is an observation area with a big relief of Mt. Tarumae, and ice hockey players. Mt. Tarumae is a symbol of the city and a popular trekking destination. Ice hockey is very popular in the city. Fishing is popular here also.

故鄉海岸 / Furusato Kaigan


Furusato Kaigan (Tomakomai City) is a park consisting of a natural sand beach facing the Pacific Ocean, and an artificially constructed path to an observation deck off the shore. There is wave-dissipating concrete levee about 200 meters off shore, with the circular deck in front of it. A path leading to the deck makes visitors feel like they are walking on the sea. From the observation deck, people can usually see distant, big ships, as well as the horizon. When looking back to the land, the city's symbolic paper factory chimneys can be seen. Furusato means hometown and Kaigan means coast.