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2018 札幌雪祭 國際雪像競賽 / 2018 Sapporo Snow Festival International Snow Sculpture Contest

2018 札幌雪祭 國際雪像競賽
2018 Sapporo Snow Festival International Snow Sculpture Contest


The results of the 45th International Snow Sculpture Contest, held at the 69th Sapporo Snow Festival, were announced on February 8th. The winning team was Thailand with their work “Gai Chon”, which is a fighting rooster from Thai culture. The runner-up was Macao, using fish as a theme, under the name “Harmony”. Third place was the USA, fourth Finland, and fifth South Korea. 12 teams took part in this years contest, and they worked from February 4th to 7th sculpting. The imagination and detail in the sculptures, at Odori 11-chome site, is fascinating visitors to the Snow Festival.

2018 札幌雪祭小雪像 / 2018 Sapporo Snow Festival Small snow sculptures

2018 札幌雪祭小雪像
2018 Sapporo Snow Festival Small snow sculptures

小雪像是經過抽選的札幌市民所製作的雪像。每年小雪像的主題很容易出現當年成為話題的人物或新聞。今年的札幌雪祭可以看到去年日本娛樂圈的明星「Blouson Chiemi」,以及加入北海道的職業棒球球團-日本火腿隊的矚目新人「清宮幸太郎」為主題的小雪像。也有每年固定會出場的動物或城堡等主題的雪像。

Small snow sculptures in the Sapporo Snow Festival are made by teams drawn by ballot from a large number of aspiring carvers. Without fail, some of the sculptures use famous people or things as themes. For example, in 2018, Buruzon Chiemi, a star of Japanese TV shows, is seen. Also, Kotaro Kiyomiya, who is the new face of the Nippon Ham Fighters (Hokkaido’s pro baseball team), is depicted. Other typical artworks by Hokkaido residents are different animals of Hokkaido. Interestingly, at least one Japanese castle and TV Tousan, the character of Sapporo TV Tower can be seen every year.

2月上旬的札幌 / In Sapporo at the beginning of February


In Sapporo at the beginning of February, the highest temperature during the day is typically between minus 5 to 10 degrees. In warmer weather, the highest temperature can reach 1 or 2 degrees, but the end of January and the beginning of February is the coldest time of the year. A day on which the highest temperature fails to reach zero is called Mafuyubi. This means “Midwinter day” in English. In the case of warmer weather, snow and ice sculptures in the Sapporo Snow Festival sometimes melt, although every year is different. Globes and scarf are must have items.