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We compile information on “0 yen tourist spots” and “must-see paid spots with extra benefits” and then keep them in our blog as archives for your convenience. We also introduce the food of Hokkaido and interesting souvenirs to take home.



足湯SHIRIETOKU / Shirietoku Foot Bath


The Shirietoku foot bath (Shari Town) is in Shiretoko Utoro Hot Springs town. It opened in 2010. The brown-colored hot water flows constantly into the foot bath. With the temperature of the water around 45 degrees, although ranging from 40 to 50 degrees according to the weather and climate conditions, people can relax their feet. This spot is not far from Yuhidai, which is at the top of a small mountain. Yuhi means sunset in English, people can take in a nice view at sunset there. It is a bit out of the way for tourists coming from the harbor on foot.

知床世界遺產中心 / Shiretoko World Heritage Conservation Center


Shiretoko World Heritage Conservation Center (Shari Town) is next to the Utoro Shirietoku Road Station. This center is a learning facility managed by the Ministry of the Environment, with exhibits to show what Shiretoko is like, and how special the area is. At the theater, people can watch the figures of four seasons there in an audiovisual presentation. Q and A puzzles are available for children, although people of any age can enjoy these, and parents can use them to teach their children. Stuffed specimens of animals and birds are on show, as well as a big birds-eye view diorama model, and information panels.

Utoro Shirietoku


Utoro Shirietoku (Shari Town) is a road station on route 334. This is the gateway of Shiretoko, with the boundary of the designated natural heritage area very close by. Visitors can find a range of tourist information on activities and sightseeing spots. The road station is located near the harbor and Shiretoko Utoro Hot Springs. Shirietoku means ‘the tip on the land,’ in the language of the Ainu, Hokkaido’s indigenous people. Shiretoko stems from this Ainu word. Utoro is also an Ainu word, standing for ‘the place people walk through.’ Utoro Shirietoku is always on the list of popular road stations in Hokkaido.



Shari (Shari Town) is a road station near JR Shiretoko Shari Station. It’s one of the bases of tourism in Shiretoko, which was designated a natural heritage by UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee in 2005. Clione, which are small floating sea slugs, are on show there. They are popular because of their cute figures, and are often a theme of souvenir products from the area. There is also a showcase introducing local specialties, which include seafood, meat, and other items. Shari Koubou Shiretoko-ya, a market selling fresh and processed seafood is adjacent to the road station.

HANAYAKA小清水 / Hanayaka Koshimizu


Hanayaka Koshimizu (Koshimizu Town) is a road station on route 244 connected to JR Hama Koshimizu Station. Koshimizu Gensei Kaen, a well-known tourist spot, is nearby. Gensei Kaen literally means ‘primitive garden,’ where flowers and grasses from ancient days are preserve. From the observation deck you are afforded a panoramic view of the Sea of Okhotsk and Shiretoko Mountains. In February, drift ice blocks can also be seen on the sea. At the restaurant, food produced both from the land and sea are on the menu. This road station is a hub of tourism of the Okhotsk area.

KIYOSATO燒酒工廠 / Kiyosato Shochu Factory


Kiyosato Shochu Factory is one of the more well-known tourist spots in Kiyosato Town. They produce Shochu (the Japanese spirit distilled from rice, wheat and such), but they are known as being the pioneers of using potatoes for to make shochu. The factory is also called Papas Chateau, which is derived from potato in Spanish. People can enter the visitor’s area of the factory and discover what their shochu is like with free tasting. From the beginning of August to the end of November, visitors can have also observe the distilling process. The factory is five minutes from JR Kiyosato Station by car.

Papas Land Sattsuru

PAPAS LAND SATTSURU(位於清里町)是位在JR釧網鐵路本線沿線上的道路休息站,靠近國道391號線。休息站位於知床和阿寒的中間位置,正面可以看到美麗的斜里岳。休息站內有溫泉設施可以享受當日泡湯的樂趣。這裡有正式的公園高爾夫球場,使用費和球具出租免費。餐廳的人氣菜單是使用當地產的麵粉做的烏龍麵。 

Papas Land Sattsuru (Kiyosato Town) is a road station along the JR Senmou Line, just a little way off route 391, midway between the Shiretoko and Akan districts. At the entrance, visitors can see the beautiful sight of Mt. Shari. Onsen facilities are available, although there are no accommodation options. A park-golf (not real golf, with only one club and a ball as big as one’s fist) field is close by. Visitors can use it for free and can borrow the balls and clubs for free. Udon made from the flour produced in the town is popular at the restaurant.

摩周溫泉 / Mashu Onsen


Mashu Onsen (Teshikaga Town) is a road station at the intersection of routes 241, 243 and 391. These roads connect Lake Akan and Lake Mashu. The space inside the large building is sufficient to house a souvenir shop, restaurant, art gallery, and tour desk. There is also a footbath outside. At the information desk, visitors can get information on Lake Mashu’s weather, which is notorious for its instability and for fog blocking out the view. There are two vantage points to see the beautiful shining lake on sunny days, and the ideas for foggy days, when the lake can’t be seen, are also given.