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在日本報導備受矚目的新聞2 / Some news out of Japan which might bring some relief for the Corona Virus panic 2


The Ministry of Science and Technology in China announced on March 17th that Avigan tablets worked quite well as a medicine against Covid-19. Originally, Avigan, or Favipiravir, is amedicine approved for influenza, created and developed by a Japanese company - a division of the Fuji Film Corporation group. The clinical test research was held in Wuhan city in Hubei Province, the center of this pandemic, and in Shenzhen city in Canton Province. Of the 200 clinic trial patients, the group taking Avigan showed negative results earlier than the control group. The former also experienced alleviation of pneumonia symptoms.
Now for some news out of Japan which might bring some relief for the Corona Virus panic
Hokkaido Travel Tips has been able to gather news which might ease fears about the ongoing Corona Virus crisis from different recent media in Japan.

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