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蝦夷貓頭鷹 / The Yezo Ural Owl


The Yezo Ural Owl is a subspecies of the Ural owl widely seen throughout the northern hemisphere. Four subspecies are in Japan; with the Yezo Ural Owl being the one found in Hokkaido. As a common bird in Hokkaido, they are often seen in Nopporo Forest Park, Nishioka Park and Mt. Moiwa in the Sapporo area. Their body length is about 50 centimeters while they have a wingspan of about one meter. They can be identified by their circular face with black eyes. From around March, they lay their eggs in nests built in holes of old trees. While warming their eggs, and until their children leave, they are often in the nest. They are popular for photo enthusiasts.

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